Bird Nerd

I am in my “happy place”. Ahh, the cottage…a veritable paradise on earth.

And what better place to don my binoculars, grab my dslr camera, and stake out feathered fauna?

Everyone has come to terms with my obsession with bird-watching. I am a self-proclaimed Bird Nerd, proud to wear this badge of honour.

Though they mock me, I will not be ashamed! 

What I find enthralling about bird-watching is the potential for spotting a species I have never before seen. Capturing a photo only heightens the thrill and offers me the opportunity to share my discoveries. Too bad no one really wants to hear about it.

Well, my dad indulges me, I suppose. He was pretty keen the day we discovered the melodic trill among the trees was actually the song of a beautiful Scarlet Tanager.

And the whole family joined me one night by the fire pit to listen to the haunting calls of two Great Horned Owls.

But more often than not, it is just moi – a solitary birder traipsing the trails and gazing for hours on end into the treetops above. It’s my version of “chilling”; a pseudo-treasure-hunt; a hobby.

Yes, I may be a little obsessive. But for some strange reason, no one seems to care that I disappear for long periods of time.

It dawns on me that perhaps they are all thankful for the peace and quiet while I’m out….019 067

216 021 382



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