Kylie Burns is a writer and teacher living just outside Toronto in Durham Region. She has published 15 titles with Crabtree Publishing since 2006.
Extreme Wakeboarding (co-written with Bobbie Kalman)
Wetland Food Chains (co-written with Bobbie Kalman)
Endangered Bears (co-written with Bobbie Kalman)
Live It! Perseverance
Biathlon, Cross Country, Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined – Olympic Sports Series
Alpine and Freestyle Skiing- Olympic Sports Series
Roman Numerals and Ordinals (My Path to Math)
What’s Going On? Collecting and Recording Your Data
What’s the Problem? How to Start Your Scientific Investigation
Superstars Series: Selena Gomez
Superstars! Series : Sidney Crosby
Superstars! Carrie Underwood
Sparta! Chrome Series
Cultural Traditions in Kenya
William Kamkwamba
Canadian Children’s Book Centre
Writer’s Community of Durham Region
Taleblazers Critique Group
Ontario College of Teachers

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